Green & Bio Diverse Roofs

During the last 20 years the concept of Green & Bio Diverse roofs have become less avant-guard and more mainstream and in many instances a planning requirement on new developments.

Tilbury are one of the UK’s major contractors in this area and have completed many substantial projects including the UK’s largest “Green Roof” for Rolls Royce Motors at their new manufacturing plant in Goodwood, Sussex where an area in excess of 40,000 sq m was covered. Green & Bio Diverse roofs have many environmental and aesthetic benefits including the retention of rainwater, adaptation to climate change and providing a habitat for wildlife and flora to flourish.

A well designed green roof can create a living space in the centre of an urban community or lessen the impact of a building in a rural environment. At Tilbury we work closely with the suppliers and specifiers of these systems and would be pleased to discuss your requirements.

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